With an explosive and overwhelming show during Amsterdam Fashion Week, the Amsterdam-based fashion label MARTAN takes a significant step onto the international stage. The unveiling of their most extensive upcycled collection to date attests to their innovation and commitment to sustainability.

The Spring-Summer ’24 collection embodies MARTAN’s mission of sustainability. This hyper-sustainable fashion demonstrates that high-end and sexy can go hand in hand with quality and design. Made from upcycled hotel linen, the collection illustrates creative possibilities and redefines the production process. There is already enough textile on Earth for the coming generations. This approach reduces CO2 emissions by 83% and water consumption by 99%.

The collection marks MARTAN’s growth, with national and international steps to increase their impact.


A tribute to the material and its origin. Influences from beautifully folded napkins lead to silhouettes that seem to explode away from the body. The texture of crumpled bedding after a sultry summer night is translated into prints and clothing constructions. The nautical elements, characteristic of MARTAN, take on a new meaning in dresses and tops, adorned with numerous sets of 8 buttons.

An innovative addition to MARTAN’s growing material range includes the reuse of scaffolding nets, often discarded after one construction project. This technical chain knit offers new perspectives and has contributed to the color palette of the SS’24 collection. Fiery vermillion, intense cyan, and deep sea green dominate, supported by warm cocoa brown, natural bamboo beige, and soft lavender lilac. Prints in violet, combined with powder yellow and cool ice gray, frame the whole in a sophisticated manner.

The dynamic, almost boundary-pushing show, where light and sound play a significant role, illustrates the versatility of the brand and takes the audience on a journey through all aspects of the collection. From ready-to-wear pieces to business attire and from red carpet looks to wearable everyday outfits.