MARRKNULL mulls over the worlds of the past, present, and future, and takes a third-person perspective on the relationship between humanity and nature, expressing revolt against traditional anthropocentrism through garments. 

According to archaeological findings, almost all primitive communities in the world practiced animal worship, from statues unearthed from Paleolithic sites, to the half-man and half-beast deity in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. Finally, with the continuous development of science and technology, men have surpassed nature. Humanity’s arrogance and cruelty have infinitely magnified, creating species such as the “tigon” that violate the laws of nature as we try to play God. 

In the post-human era, when a more powerful race than mankind emerges on the earth, human beings will likely face the same transformation, creating a kind of synthetic creature that merges beast with man. How can mankind survive when they are forced to leave the city and seclude themselves in the jungle? And who will they take revenge on then? 

Inspired by mutants in the future jungle, the MARRKNULL AW23 Collection creates womenswear for the new season; arcane, wild, and full of contradictions.