Mark Kenly Domino Tan Studio launched in 2014 in Copenhagen. The brand set out to create vibrant and refined collections founded on tailoring, construction, and fine textiles.

Inspired by the women’s silhouette, MKDT Studio immersed itself in the idea of the transformative nature of women and its imprint over the time. The brand has defined three patterns in its latest collection that have a special link with the brand’s essence: the Artist, the Specialist and the Muse. 

The Artist
The Artist approaches dressing with inspiration and bravery.

They launched practical workwear, and created a collection with contrasted textiles by allying wools and poplins.

The Specialist
With a desire for simplicity and precision, The Specialist lives for luxurious stables like cashmere sweaters, trans-seasonal suiting and perfectly steamed shirts.
For The Specialist, they have created a selection of tailored pieces in soft tech materials.

The Muse
With a keen eye for the decadent, the Muse, sets out to turn heads.
The introduced bolero jacket and fitted wool dresses for this new collection.

Each season, the brand revisits its archives to reinterpret shapes and materials in order to constantly develop and reinvent pieces inspired by its heritage. In this new collection, the color palette is composed of warm tones such as gray, brown, olive green and taupe. The shapes are structured, the epaulettes are sharp, and some pieces have balloon sleeves, to accentuate the attention to form and craft a timeless and contemporary collection.