Delving into the infinite freedom of the skies and inspired by the daring female aviators, MKDT Studio’s Autumn Winter 2024 collection celebrates their courage to soar into the boundless heavens.

The freedom of the sky, seemingly without end. The open air, no borders, just horizons. Mankind has since forever been fascinated and perplexed by the sky, being brave enough to fly it, to take it, to dream up there.

The colors of the sky, the air we draw in, the everchanging shapes of clouds and the feeling of the wind against our skin. Inspired by the bravery of the pioneering female aviators, the Autumn Winter 2024 is a celebration of their story, independently taking the first step, into the sky. With sleek silhouettes, purposeful materials for layering and a subtle color range, the collection portrays a boyish look with a distinct feminine finish. Crafted to shelter from wind and cold, rational in form and choice of textile, this seasons MKDT studio collection comes from the beauty of exploring the practicality and form of the historical aviator uniform and the poetry that lies within it.

Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what does dreams know of boundaries?

– Amelia Earhart

With Autumn Winter 2024 we are mindful in our choice of fabric, as we considered shape and heritage classics to cut and construct a contemporary collection that nods to our fascination with details. With a palette of brown, cream whites, burgundy, thunder, coal, dark smokey grey and classic black in materials like wool, oily denim, coated cotton, shearling and soft leather, a highly tactile collection took shape. Born from an interplay with materiality and form with an attention to detail created for a broad palette of wearers, all with an inherit sense of quality and love for fine tailoring.

Continuing working with innovative materials we developed a print on a technical textile for the season, stemmed from our fascination with the sky. Our Earhart print, resembling parachute fabric, is illustrating air photos of landscapes from above in muted nuances. A feminine aviator jacket in British made textile, tech wool dresses and blouses with a delicate scarf detail and dense wool knits in smokey grey at the likes of historical airplane blankets, binding the aesthetics of our heritage and seasonal influence together in the finest of ways.

Extending our Atelier collection, for Autumn Winter 2024 we have developed a luscious tailoring story, made from sustainable alpaca wool weaved in airy check pattern as well as a line of classic dressing and heritage silhouettes, deconstructed and reassembled in 100% wool. Also, for Atelier, we have joined in craftmanship with skillful skin specialist UTZON to form a leather and shearling line, developing a jacket, ballerina flats, knee high boots, and an aviator hat for the collection.

Working with core materials like poplin, cashmere, and merino, stripping away unnecessary clutter to give room for a collection that is clean, clever, and flooded with subtle luxury, Autumn Winter 2024 is a tribute to the beauty of ease. Creating unique, quality garments meant to thoughtfully build up a well-constructed wardrobe, intended for longevity. Continuing to please the aesthetic eye for years to come.

photo credit: James Cochrane