Step into the stylish realm of ‘Galaxy Beyond’ by Mark Fast, where fashion merges with urban city architecture and combines space-inspired charm, gothic realm, and luxurious comfort, creating a striking presence on the urban streets.

This collection, with its extra-terrestrial edge, is a fusion of Mark Fast’s knit mastery and the creative legacy of Joe Colombo, a 60s architect who made his career based on futurist innovations, incorporating what he called the fourth dimension: time. Joe Colombo was widely recognized as the “creator of the future environment”. His holistic approach transformed objects into something extraordinary. His intuitive and exploratory designs pushed the boundaries, revolutionising living spaces.

Mark Fast skilfully incorporates his artistry into the fabric of this fashion narrative, creating cosy knit designs revealing subtle details beneath oversized coats, and attire crafted from weather-resistant materials, transforming the traditional runway into a dynamic canvas of diverse interstellar expressions.

The all-in-one denim boots and patent boots, coupled with matching gloves, creates the Mark Fast Autumn Winter 2024 statement. The juxtaposition of fluffy knit textures, faux feathered fringe elements, and velvet-textured bodycon dresses adds a touch of luxury and playfulness. Shots of neon inject a vibrant energy into the collection, while the colour palette spans from classic black and cream to deep purples, petrol blue, and hints of fuchsia and chartreuse. Mark Fast’s designs embrace gender-neutral appeal, embodying a fearless spirit that resonates with both the Mark Fast girl and guy – confident, boundary-breaking individuals who redefine fashion norms.

Whether navigating the city streets or setting new trends, ‘Galaxy Beyond’ showcases a blend of innovation and style designed for those who desire a touch of cosmic elegance while staying attuned to the beat of urban life, appealing to the cool and stylish community that defines the Mark Fast tribe.