Last saturday MARINE SERRE show concentrates on our State of Soul, which is our own—slightly unconventional—translation of the French état d’esprit. After all of the anxiety, isolation and losses of the past years, as we continue to face challenges in the struggle to improve our world, it’s clear to us that our State of Soul is definitely in need of the regenerative power that comes from joining together in joyful celebration. And that helps explain the many unusual choices that we’ve made for the presentation of our latest collection.

First of all, we’ve made the radical choice to throw our doors as wide open as possible —and because of that decision, we’re happy to say that many of today’s guests are not your typical fashion-industry insiders. Since it’s crucially important for MARINE SERRE to be truly inclusive, guaranteeing that our designs and experiences are accessible to all, almost 1,000 of today’s passes were distributed online, on a first-come, first-serve basis—and, of course, thousands more will be able to follow the live-stream of the house’s show.

And, most importantly, we’ve invited 1,500 of the house’s followers to join with us in a celebration. This month marks MARINE SERRE’s sixth anniversary—which explains why we’ve scheduled our presentation for the end of the day, allowing us the possibility of extending the excitement beyond the short length of a show, as we invite our guests to enjoy the beauty of a light-filled summer evening, with music, food and drinks.

That focus on celebration explains the unusual choice of a track-field venue. For there are few things in life that can provide us with as much true joy as being in motion—there’s definitely a reason that we feel a “high” from participating in sports.

And true participation means that we’re willing to leave our omnipresent phones and everyday worries far behind—along with all fears of being clumsy or out of control—as we enter into the powerful trance of being completely in the moment, focusing on perfecting our movements and pushing ourselves to the maximum, while also allowing ourselves to experience a singular liberation, as we connect in new ways to nature and others.

In addition, in the stands or in front of their TVs, those watching matches experience their own special escape into shared joy. As though entering into a powerful moment of worship, they unite in one special devotion, forming a communal collective with those with whom they may share little in common, cheering on each remarkable feat, booing every bad call and, perhaps, even embracing complete strangers after thrilling victories and amazing comebacks.

Just as in the most emotional of opening ceremonies, participants in today’s presentation will be grouped in delegations as they march out onto the track. Our MARINE SERRE team heads up the parade, followed by a squad composed of friends, muses, athletes and artists who constantly inspire us, walking out in team groupings, as well.

The members of the different delegations sport the latest offerings of the house, including, appropriately, MARINE SERRE’s range of athletic swimwear made from recycled fibers; a collection of sculptural body-con creations fashioned from upcycled denim; Gardener designs celebrating the possibility of stylishly working the earth; grunge-inspired looks crafted from upcycled silk scarves in green tones; clever spins on the iconic and colorful twinsets of ‘90s Parisian runways—devised from regenerated towels, to create the perfect outfits for the infernal temperatures of our global-warming reality; and a striking grouping of featherweight, fluid and sensual silks, decorated with the house’s innovative new patterns, which are derived from scans of antique jewelry finds. To close the show, we premiere the latest iteration of the house’s signature moon print in black, expanded into a bold catsuit, and adorned with one-of-a-kind artisanal jewelry pieces, each crafted from vintage discoveries.

So, it’s been six years. And over those many seasons, MARINE SERRE has been celebrated for its distinctive reliance on regenerated materials to creatively transform fashion’s conventions and expectations. Today, as we mark this special anniversary, we hope that we can all begin to mutate our State of Soul, joining together to rely on the regenerative power
of collective celebration.