This season, MARINE SERRE transports the audience to a marketplace or bazaar of some sort that lays the foundation for this collection’s show. The show is set at Ground Control in Paris, a hybrid third place, a former railway shed, regenerated into a space that acts as a cultural, social, sustainable, and environmental player. Echoing the values of the house. The industrial venue includes shops, a large food hall, bars, and a radio. A multidisciplinary independent living space, that occupies a unique place in the Parisian landscape. On a cloudy morning, the audience gets into a twilight zone, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, contrasting with the apparent casual dimension of the collection. Suspended spheres of light recall cycles of the moon, femininity, and graceful elegance, echoing with the collection. This space is filled with life, allowing our tribe to regroup and connect.

The show ignited with energy as Denise Ohnona flawlessly strutted the runway, embodying the essence of Kate Moss herself. But, as Beka Gvishiani (@stylenotcome) aptly remarked on Instagram, there’s only one Kate Moss in this world!

As an additional poetic layer, the music references Marine’s love of contemporary R&B, Hip- Hop, electronic music, and classical compositions, incorporating various noises, and intimate messages – from Ground Control to Space – left to loved ones “far above the Moon” answering the question: “If you had to call someone to tell them something you never dared to say, what would it be?” The name Ground Control is also a nod to the opening lyrics of David Bowie’s song, “Space Oddity”.This 43 looks at how the collection transitions through different times and spaces. Families of looks respond to each other and evolve throughout the show, reflecting the hybrid approach of the brand. The show begins with elegant black transparent outfits and graceful silhouettes, reinterpreting the All Over Moon pattern with strass. As it progresses, there’s a mix of a grey full look of the signature airbrushed All Over Moon leather—paired with a men’s shirt and a pair of knee-boots – of jacquard sartorial tailoring, and a brand-new mesh, allowing for layering of our iconic Moon print. A splash of color follows with red and fuchsia, introducing pop and fluid silhouettes that play with the house’s pillar materials: moire, satin-like viscose, and silk scarves. The runway then shifts to beige casual workwear, paired with chic Python looks, complemented by delicate lace details. Revamping the uniform, the collection introduces timeless tailoring. Moon Diamant looks in black and a new navy blue.

Four couture looks close the show, including a sophisticated morpho-fitted catsuit that serves as a mise en abyme of the jewelry print, featuring custom vintage jewelry pieces. The second couture look in moire echoes the mystical logo created for the show with joining hands embodied by flying wings, while the following look presents a cinematic couture ensemble crafted from upcycled silk scarves, showcasing an alluring silhouette with puff sleeves. The grand finale on Guinevere Van Seenus is a black athletic-couture jersey dress that elegantly concludes the collection, celebrating women’s empowerment.

In a stroke of daring brilliance, MARINE SERRE staged a stunning surprise by inserting Denise Ohnona, a striking Kate Moss doppelgänger, to the lineup. The audience was stunned as they marveled at Ohnona’s striking likeness to the renowned supermodel, a clever surprise that sparked whispers of excitement and appreciation across the fashion industry.