Marie-Stella-Maris is launching a full Clean Beauty range as of September: hand care and body care products with the most natural ingredients possible, at least 96% of which are of natural origin. In addition to its drive to continue increasing its social impact, the brand is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The new products are locally produced, 100% vegan and formulated with effective and eco-friendly ingredients. Good for your skin, better for the planet!

Clean Beauty As of September, all Marie-Stella-Maris skincare products are even more natural. To be exact: 100% of the hand, body and hair care formulas are composed from effective ingredients, of which at least 96% are of natural origin. By selecting natural ingredients, the brand is opting for a more sustainable future. The effective natural ingredients contribute to the health and resilience of the skin. These include shea butter, almond oil and hazelnut oil. Of course, there is nothing in the formulas that does not belong there. All products are free of (water) polluting microplastics, SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones and petrochemical ingredients. Not only better for the skin, but also for the environment! All products are are produced in the Netherlands and are 100% vegan. The new iconic glass packaging are refillable glass bottles produced in Europe and are 30% lighter in weight. This saves material and reduces the brand’s CO2 emissions.

New natural Hand care & Body care With this relaunch of the full care range there is even more choice in products at Marie-Stella-Maris, the brand is launching not only a hand care range, but also a body care line. Marie-Stella-Maris is thus responding even better to the wishes of the consumer; with different skin types and needs for optimal care. The clean glass hand care packaging is an enrichment for every kitchen or washbasin with extra luxury look and the matte soft touch body care packaging may not be missing in your bathroom. The bottles can be reused endlessly by using the convenient refill packaging.

Clean Water, Clean Beauty Marie-Stella-Maris strives for clean (drinking) water and hygiene for everyone, worldwide. Since its inception in 2011, the brand has been structurally donating a portion of its sales to to sustainable clean water projects. In addition to its drive to continue to increase its social increase, Marie-Stella-Maris is committed to reducing its environmental impact. It is the mission of Marie-Stella-Maris is to minimize water pollution and produce its products products as sustainable and local as possible. The launch of the ‘Clean Beauty’ range is therefore an important step for the Dutch lifestyle brand.

Mieke van Engelen (Head of Innovation); “Marie-Stella-Maris is all about well-considered design. With our clean beauty products, we want to help consumers to implement healthy lifestyle into their beauty routine. We continue to make the chain more sustainable and do not add unnecessary ingredients. Less is more’ at Marie-Stella-Maris, not only in our timeless design. Clean Water, Clean Beauty is a starting point for the many launches and innovations to come. Always from our brand essence ‘Designed to Care’, which is what it’s all about at our core.”

About Marie-Stella-Maris

Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch social enterprise with a mission. ‘Access to clean water and hygiene for everyone, worldwide!’ With the sale of mineral water, natural body care and luxury home fragrances, Marie-Stella-Maris contributes to this. The personal care products are made with ingredients of natural origin, the fragrances are layered and distinctive, and all products are designed with attention to detail. To reduce its impact on the environment, Marie-Stella-Maris focuses on developing of sustainable refill(able) packaging. Refill means less packaging material, less waste and less CO2 emissions. So refilling is better for the planet, but also better for your wallet. Both brand stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht have a refill bar where packaging can be refilled. With your purchase, you contribute. Marie-Stella-Maris structurally donates a portion of its sales to sustainable water projects. Since its creation in 2011, the brand has contributed 1,800,000 and has helped 85,000+ people gain access to clean water. water