Marie-Stella-Maris launches its newest Foaming Body Wash – Marie-Stella-Maris in April. Add tap water and concentrate to the innovative design bottle at home, pump and instantly create a magically rich and nurturing foam for under the shower. The timeless glass bottle is endlessly refillable with the efficient 50 ml concentrates, eliminating unnecessary water transport, saving considerable weight in transport, reducing CO2 emissions and saving a lot of waste.

How to make Magic

Meet the latest sustainable introduction from Dutch social impact brand Marie-Stella-Maris. With the new campaign “Tap Water, Make Magic”, the brand is launching its latest luxury shower product this spring. A sustainable and innovative addition to beauty land. You create a richly foaming body wash by simply filling the design bottle at home with tap water and concentrate. The refillable glass bottle is protected by a silicone sleeve, safe for the shower! The innovative pump system creates an instant nourishing and cleansing foam that turns your daily shower session into a luxurious moment of relaxation. The natural concentrated formula is enriched with aloe vera and proprietary bio lipids for soft and hydrated skin.

Showering more sustainably

Did you know that 90% of beauty products consist of water? With this introduction, no excessive water is transported, significantly reducing CO2 emissions in production and transport. Refilling the bottle with the concentrates reduces as much as 40% of weight in transport and thus reduces waste. With this ambition in mind, the launch of the Foaming Body Wash is another important step in the brand’s sustainable entrepreneurship, and Marie-Stella-Maris’ mission is to produce its products as sustainably and locally as possible. With this sustainable product introduction, the brand is leading the way in terms of well-considered design; much attention has been put into the bottle’s timeless, minimalist and qualitative design. This makes the bottle a beautiful, timeless eye-catcher in the bathroom and sustainable. The concentrates fit through the mailbox and are available in four luxury fragrances – making it even easier to change scents without buying a new full-size package. Marie-Stella-Maris strives for clean (drinking) water and hygiene for all, worldwide. Since its foundation in 2011, the brand structurally donated part of its turnover to sustainable clean water projects. In addition to the drive to continue to increase its social impact, the brand is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

Discover the range

Foaming Body Wash Bottle & Concentrate

No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam
The starter kit includes everything you need: a durable designer bottle and a concentrate in bestselling scent No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam. Simply filling the glass bottle with tap water and concentrate creates a gently cleansing and foaming formula that transforms your daily routine into a wonderful moment of relaxation. The natural cleansing, skin-healthy bio lipids and the addition of aloe vera leave the skin hydrated. The timeless glass bottle is designed for endless refilling and saving waste at home. The bottle accepts concentrates in all scents.

  • Aloe vera: soothing and moisturizing for the Skin
  • Natural biolipids: for gentle cleansing and soft skin
  • 100% vegan

Foaming Body Wash Concentrate
No.07 Voyage Vetiver | No.10 Rock Roses | No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam | No.14 Courage
des Bois

Concentrate for the foaming body wash bottle to create a rich foaming shower experience.
Available in four scents.

How to make the magic
  • Turn the pump off the bottle and fill the bottle with 1 cm of tap water.
  • Carefully open the concentrate and pour it thoroughly into the bottle.
  • Add tap water up to 1 cm from the edge. Turn the pump back on the bottle.
  • Pump a few times to enjoy a rich, caring lather immediately.

Available from April. The products will be available in Marie-Stella-Maris Stores and RefillStations, the Bijenkorf, Skins Cosmetics, Zalando, Douglas, Mooi Parfumerie, Beauty-Xand online at, among others