Words by Anano Shalamberidze

In a beauty world where greenwashing has become a prominent practice and “sustainability” has lost its once aspirational allure, Maria Nila is a true breath of fresh air.

Established in 1999, the Swedish haircare brand is built on the philosophy of providing 100% vegan products that are developed out of love for animals and the environment. Produced locally in the south of Sweden, in an innovative factory in the town of Helsingborg, the Maria Nila hair care line is 100% vegan and friendly with climate-compensated packaging.

“Maria Nila continually strives to provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious, and honest way.”

Behind every great venture is a great story, and Maria Nila is no exception. Started in the garage of the Wikström family over 20 years ago, the brand still represents the original intentions and integrity of the founders, Ann and Ulf Wikström. With a goal of creating a hair care brand that not only honors but cherishes the animals and the environment, after many experiments and trials, the founders launched a brand that would go on to become a leader in sustainable hair care. Maria Nila now boasts a number of products that target the main issues of the hair care community, all while caring for the environment.

In celebration of the launch of their newest “Booster Masque”, Maria Nila organized a trip to their abovementioned factory in the south of Sweden. With an intention to keep every step of the product development transparent, the brand made sure to showcase the process behind creating a premium quality hair care line. Visiting the Maria Nila factory in Helsingborg was a truly delightful experience. Aside from the remarkable technical production system we got to witness in a factory that handles everything from creative ideas to the filling of bottles, the working environment and the dedication to the craft were what really left us all in awe. The holistic approach to working conditions goes hand in hand with the brand’s values and creates a consistent brand identity. Every single person we met along the journey of discovering Maria Nila’s world seemed to be more passionate than the last about the products they create as well as the cause they all stand for. A team of dedicated professionals showcased their creative but detailed process of carefully selecting active ingredients that target the specific needs of hair types and transforming them into a final product.

The newest addition to the Maria Nila family, the “Booster Masque” is a fast working rinse out hair product that is supercharged with active ingredients. With x10 times the main active ingredient for boosted results and 50 % stronger fragrances for a long-lasting experience, the hair mask is surely a new addition to my own hair routine. The masks target a hair care issue for everyone and offer the following selection: “Head & Hair Heal”, “Luminous Colour”, “Pure Volume”, “Sheer Silver”, “True Soft”, and “Structure Repair”.

Be friendly, Stay curious, Act honest.