Margreeth Olsthoorn, the esteemed Dutch stylist and owner of the renowned eponymous boutique “MARGREETH OLSTHOORN” in Rotterdam, recently hosted the fashion show “WATERSTORIES” in collaboration with Nieuwe Instituut, Powerhouse Company, and Kris Berry at Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam.

The event presented Margreeth Olsthoorn’s unique fashion identity, featuring a selection of high-end designer looks on a striking runway surrounded by water, and accompanied by captivating vocals by Kris Berry. Margreeth Olsthoorn’s boutique is well-known for its exceptional curation of avant-garde and distinctive clothing from both emerging designers and established brands.

With her influential position in the Dutch fashion scene, Margreeth Olsthoorn’s progressive take on the industry was evident throughout the evening, which concluded with social drinks, making it a memorable celebration of fashion and creativity.

We look back at a beautiful evening where high-end fashion created a space in which creativity, love, beautiful souls, and energies mingled into a fashion show. I sincerely thank all participants, crew, friends, and family for this flamboyant night.

Margreeth Olsthoorn