A couple of years ago, soon after its launch in 2018, Numéro NL discovered (M)anasi 7. Since then, we’ve watched it flourish with each release and proudly count ourselves among its fans. It started with their botanical serum, face oils, botanical cleanser, balms, body cream, and let’s not overlook their makeup range. And now, their latest addition, a new face cream: Furora.

The new Microbioskin™ Botanical Face Cream Furora is a testament to their dedication, packed with bioactives and premium fermented, skin-calming ingredients. Crafted from natural, wild-harvested, and certified organic grape seed oil, marula seed oil, hydrating organic aloe leaf extract, protective shea butter, and anti-inflammatory bio-tech derived lactobacillus ferment lysate and prebiotics, this formula was carefully curated to provide intense hydration without compromising the skin’s natural defenses.

What sets Furora apart is its commitment to preserving the skin’s integrity. Its lightweight texture moisturizes and soothes, leaving the skin hydrated and replenished, all without disrupting its moisture barrier or pH balance. It’s truly a rejuvenating elixir for your skin, enhancing elasticity, firmness, and texture. Needless to say, we’re obsessed with it.


The face cream is also suitable as an effective primer for your makeup.
Or mix it with your Skin enhancer to create a second skin Tinted moisturizer.