Mame Kurogouchi Fall Winter 2024 Collection steps forward as an epitome in the history of Japanese ceramics, this time introducing ‘Old Karatsu.’ Flourished in the 16th century, Old Karatsu showcased numerous ceramic fragments tracing the journey of pursuing beauty over hundreds of years.

The natural colour palette and rich textures, minimal silhouette, and unique pattern expressionswhich define Kokaratsu (Old Karatsu) are sublimated into ‘wearable ceramics’ by the designer Maiko Kurogouchi. Shades of grey found throughout the entire collection invite one to a journey through the traces of past creations. Before the dawn of domestic porcelain, through trial and error of potters, the grey-brown earth colour created in Karatsu region, even as fragments still reminisce the land’s unique colour and traces of lost creation.

Yearning for the Earth seen in Saga, the memory of the flame in the kiln is portrayed in orange and terracotta colours, giving warmth to the collection. Potters of the past painted landscapes and flowers that appeared daily in front of their eyes in Ekaratsu (Painted Karatsu). Its simple yet generous lines are translated into cord-embroidered botanical motifs that run boldly across the body of plain dresses, shirts, and sheer vests.

Jacquard dresses and tops expressed in tone-on-tone, and casual chunky knits include elements of painting from Karatsu which often depicts simple and familiar motifs, blooming quietly and powerfully on various pieces. The aurora-like glaze reminiscent of Madara Karatsu is expressed onto alpaca wool coat, using hand-pouring dye and the texture of glaze expressed by blending the beautiful unevenness and finely honed pattern-making.