Roan van Oort embarked on a road trip through Mallorca, Spain to capture the island’s beauty and character in a unique way. Immersing himself in the picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and vibrant culture of the island. His photographs transport to a time where life is simpler and more connected to the surroundings. From the serene olive groves to the dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, he used his analog camera to convey the raw, untamed beauty of the island.

In the first story, Roan van Oort takes us on an adventure through Mallorca’s hidden corners — a side of the island less frequently seen. In this visual narrative, he delves into the island’s mysteries, capturing its enigmatic allure. The photographs exude a darker, more muted yet summery palette, evoking an explorer’s spirit. Roan’s keen eye for detail uncovers the secrets that lie in the shadows, revealing Mallorca’s profound and undiscovered beauty.

Mallorca’s vibrant spirit is celebrated in Roan van Oort’s second visual tale, where the island’s lifeblood, the water, takes center stage. These images encapsulate the significance of water for Mallorca, shaping its breathtaking scenery and the way of life. With a vibrant and joyous palette, Roan’s lens captures the island’s deep connection with the sea, from its crystal-clear shores to the lively harbors. This visual story immerses us into the essence of Mallorca.