The key US festival returns with its biggest lineup yet.

“The festival felt like something you see in old rave vhs. We remember hundreds of people all dancing in their own worlds, heads down, not looking around, smoke everywhere, not a phone in sight. Bliss” – Bicep 

For 23 years, Philadelphia native Dave P. has worked tirelessly to put the City Of Brotherly Love on the map with hundreds of cutting-edge, music-focused happenings. The third Making Time ∞, held once again on the historic Revolutionary War site Fort Mifflin, is the culmination of these efforts and takes place from the 22nd to 24th September. 

Announcing the full programme for the 2023 edition earlier this summer, Making Time ∞ now reveals the single day lineups with day passes now available to purchase – full breakdown included below. Some of the highlights include Josh Wink’s “TRANSCENDENTAL State of Consciousness” (A TRANSCENDENTAL Journey into 90’s RAVE), Jamie xx, DJ Nobu, Octo Octa b2b Eris Drew, Helena Hauff, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, Laurel Halo (DJ Set), Livwutang, DJ Voices, Alessandro Cortini, Carmen Villain, DJ Holographic and much more! You will be able to experience takeovers from Water Rabbit In The Power Magazine, Hearts Of Darkness x Hungrymonsters, The Lot RADio, Great Circles, Subsurface, RVNG Intl and Klip Collective all weekend. 

Making Time must be seen to be believed. Planes fly overhead en route to nearby Philadelphia International Airport. Buildings from the 1700s are painstakingly projection mapped by decades-long Making Time partner Klip Collective. Klip Collective principal Ricardo Rivera transforms the site’s moats, casemates, historic buildings and mounds into living, breathing, psychedelic spaces. 

“We’re using the space and bringing it to life in interesting ways,” says Rivera. “It really is a celebration of the independent spirit.  We don’t have a lot of resources, but we have all these huge ideas. [Dave] and I both have that Philly chip on our shoulders. If we’re going to do this, we are going to go all in .” – Ricardo Rivera from Klip Collective

“Fort Mifflin is such a special place. There’s so much space and freedom to be as creative as possible. I was able to book so many of my favorite artists, so many of the greatest futuristic musical pioneers of our time, from all ends of the futuristic musical spectrum. I can’t do that at a club. I could only do that here and it has been so much fun !!!” – Making Time founder Dave P

For decades, Making Time has transformed clubs, warehouses, boats, restaurants and just about any other kind of non-traditional venue you can think of into temporary autonomous zones—canvases for cutting-edge music and visuals. During the pandemic, Dave conceived of events at Fort Mifflin as a way for attendees to party safely (a constant Making Time priority). In the process, he may have reimagined the possibilities for an electronic music festival in Philadelphia, the east coast, America,  even the world.. For 2023, those possibilities feel more infinite than ever.

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