Discover the meticulous process behind crafting the iconic Flamenco Purse, where skilled artisans combine tradition and innovation to ensure that every detail embodies both beauty and functionality.

Crafting the Flamenco Purse begins with the artisans at our Madrid atelier, who carefully inspect the butter soft nappa leather that will form the bag’s outer body. Once confirmed that it’s completely flawless, the nappa leather is cut, sewn, and joined to the lining, which is made from the reverse of a soft, lightweight leather. After attaching the inner magnet closure, the leather drawstring that will create the bag’s ruched effect is gently threaded through the top of the bag and the ends are tied into coiled knots, a Flamenco family signature. Finally, the tubular leather shoulder strap is added, the donut chain links are woven with leather cord, and the Flamenco Purse is complete.