MAIUM launches their AW’23 URBAN NOMADS collection, where form and function come together to create an innovative fusion of style, comfort and transformation.

This season MAIUM has taken inspiration from modular details, midlayers and innovative waterproof materials. With a focus on quilted jackets and boxy silhouettes, protection is key while the designs remain highly mobile.

The modular and transformable character of MAIUM perfectly suits the needs of URBAN NOMADS. Where versatility and adaptability in the clothing allows the wearer to move effortlessly in the urban environment and changing weather conditions. With modular features such as detachable hoods, liners and zip-off sleeves, MAIUM’s new collection enables urban nomads to adapt their clothing to their immediate needs, whether it be a sudden downpour or a rapid change in temperature.

The color palette of this collection is deeply rooted in the earth and nature, with organic tones that evoke a sense of harmony with the environment. From the rich Plantation and Cartouche shades to the deep Pine Grove and Bitter Chocolate shades, each color has been carefully chosen to capture the beauty of luscious earth pigments. Silver, Navy and Black add a contemporary touch, while the Off White base provides a soothing backdrop. In terms of texture, the collection embraces dusty and matte tactility and serves as a tribute to the organic textures and earthy structures found in nature. The softness of the fabrics used ensures comfort, allowing the wearer to endlessly navigate the urban landscape.


Within this collection, MAIUM also presents short jackets for the first time, in addition to the regular lengths on or over the knee.

WINTER PARKA: The 3-in-1 Winter Parka is a fully waterproof winter jacket that you can wear in three ways. It contains a removable inner lining that allows you to adjust the thickness of the jacket to the season. The inner jacket can also be worn separately as a quilted autumn or spring jacket. Easily converts into a bike or e-scooter poncho using the signature MAIUM zippers. Made from 122 recycled PET bottles.

TEDDY WIND BREAKER: The 2-in-1 Teddy Windbreaker offers a modern twist on the Teddy Cardigan, with its reversible and waterproof function. This short windbreaker can be worn as a waterproof jacket with a soft teddy lining on the inside. Also easily converts into a windproof teddy jacket, with the soft material on the outside. Made from 77 recycled PET bottles.

SHORT PUFFER: The Short Puffer is a shorter version of our classic puffer style, with a slightly oversized fit. A fully waterproof winter jacket with increased breathability through the use of Pongee fabric. Made from 77 recycled plastic bottles. Yes, this jacket is vegan – both the fabric and the filling are made from recycled PET.

KIDS TEDDY CARDIGAN: The Kids Teddy Cardigan is a zipped base layer for extra warmth, perfect for pairing with a waterproof jacket. Easily transforms into a bodywarmer due to the detachable sleeves. Made from 33 recycled PET bottles. Identical to its larger version, so it can be worn matching with your little one.

In addition, MAIUM presents a selection of its existing styles and accessories that have proven to be customer favourites. Like the timeless Original, Poncho, Mac, Padded Duffle, Lightweight Puffer, Puffer and Teddy Cardigan that are reintroduced in new seasonal colors (in addition to the core colours). The popular Kids Original and Kids Puffer are expanded in new seasonal colors, so that even the little ones stay stylish and comfortably dry during the daily cycling tours in the colder months. The accessories are also permanent with the Gloves that keep your hands dry and warm and the waterproof Shoulder Backpack & Tote Bag that you can easily click on your bike for carefree cycling through the city.

Style, function and sustainability blend harmoniously in this new collection, resulting in garments that are not only visually distinctive, but also highly practical. Whether you’re navigating the city streets or venturing out into the great outdoors, MAIUM will keep you stylishly protected from the elements.