An evening at Maita will give you an experience you want to repeat, a mix of a contemporary urban environment, spectacular service accompanied with great cuisine. The Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) cuisine is at the heart of the Maita expirience bringing new bold flavors to the Netherlands. Nikkei cuisine embraces eye catching colours & full bodied taste brought forth by our quality ingredients. In short Maita is all about quality, ingredients and flavours.

We had a pleasure speaking with the founders of the restaurant.

Tell our readers about your restaurant concept, being a Peruvian & Japanese inspired restaurant? And how did you decide to open it in Haarlem?

We call it Nikkei kitchen, because of Japanese immigrants living in Peru which represent 10% of the population in Peru, which are called the Nikkei people.  Cocina Nikkei it’s what we call it in Spanish as well. 

We were always following the food trends in the world. Because there was no Peruvian or Peruvian-Japanese restaurant in The Netherlands at the time we decided to open the first one. Firstly we were exploring the option of opening it in Amsterdam, but then as that is already a saturated market with a lot of restaurants we though why not open it in Haarlem where people like to go out and eat as well as try new things, however we did not know much about Haarlem ourselves at first.   At first people were saying that such a high-end concept is not going to work in Haarlem and now we are fortunate enough to have people returning and becoming regular costumers, also customers coming from other cities to Haarlem just to come to Maita. 

Tell us more about your menu and its amazing dishes.

All the dishes are designed for a shared dining experience. Starts with para picar (smaller bites), followed by a variety of traditional ceviches with very powerful and well spiced flavors. Ceviche is actually a national dish of Peru.   Following that we suggest ordering tiraditos, which is Japanese inspired Sashimi with tiger milk. Following that we offer a variety of sushi rolls including nigiri and uramaki with Peruvian touches including a Maita signature roll, which we highly recommend.  We also have a menu of signature cocktails to match with the dishes or you can go for a wine-paring as well as other soft drinks etc. Our popular signature ingredient is PISCO, therefore we call our bar PISCO BAR. The selection of warm dishes vary from beef, chicken, sea bass which is our best-seller and more incredible dishes. We also are proud of cooking our dishes on the Japanese barbeque: Robata  which is a big part of our concept. Lastly we also offer a  few sweets such as Matcha tiramisu and frozen coconut to name a few. Since recently we are also open on Mondays, when we offer a special Sushi based menu with 10 special sushi rolls and they call it Monday Sushi Madness.

"When entering the restaurant first thing you notice is the beautiful mix of colors that take you right away to Peru and Japan. You can also see the open kitchen which makes the experience ever more fun. We can easily say this is our favorite restaurant in Haarlem for the quality of the food, uniqueness of the menu and concept as well as their signature cocktails and beautifully designed restaurant. We higlhy reccomend it and for the ones not from Haarlem, worthy of a visit. It is a perfect place for a dinner with friends or a date."- Timotej Letonja

Due to the current situation they also offer a delivery and take-away menu with some of our signature and popular dishes. You can see the take-away menu on their website bellow.

View the menu and more information on their website: