The most French of the Italian fashion houses and the most Parisian of Roman Couture houses, reinvents itself on Avenue Montaigne. A change of address – a matter of just a few house street numbers – and a change of universe spread over three floors dedicated to women’s and men’s Prêt-à-porter and accessories and men’s clothing, to which the Maison has dedicated an entire floor. An unprecedented universe, conceived by Jacopo Venturini and Pierpaolo Piccioli, respectively the CEO and the Creative Director of the Maison de couture, which is based in Rome with an embassy in Paris.

Following the openings started in 2022 in Madrid, Venice, Jeddah, Geneva, New Delhi, Florence and proximately in New York and Shanghai the new in-house concept of the Valentino boutiques reveals itself in a warm setting that blends spirit, emotion, and materials, embodying the codes of a serene, enveloping, and evocative future.

Red serves as the red… carpet, naturally. Red in all its facets, lacquered and velvety, spicing up an ivory white setting punctuated by transparencies, mineral tones, and decorative references from the 1930s to the 1970s inherent to the world of Couture. Added to this are the obligatory Roman touches – marbles, onyx, checkered patterns, metaphysical geometries – articulated around a spectacular staircase that looks as though the fleeting train of a dress had imprinted the setting with a fascinating marble patchwork. Like a nested jewel box, a Red Room dressed in scarlet velvet vibrates at the heart of a mise-en-scène thoughtfully designed to embody the Parisian heritage and context.

Another common thread running through that run’s in between Jacopo Venturini and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s work, is to infuse the infusion of the vibrant energy of the fashion shows, which is then filtered down to the intimate level, like a journey.

Inspired by the spirit of the times, by each collection, each season, and internally metabolized around a single customer, this fusion offers a sensual and personal experience, conceived as a tailor-made invitation to feel welcomed as if in a home.

In addition to the rites inherent to Couture, Valentino here celebrates the hand of craftsman through decorative uniqueness. This is seen in the hammered brass showcases by Fabio Cinti, the ceramic handles by Massimiliano Pipolo, and the plaster lights by Parisian artist Alexandre Logé, a magician of free and dreamlike forms.

A gallery aura is conveyed by the Italian artist Gioele Amaro who will be exhibiting some of his most emblematic creations in this new boutique from the 15th of June to the 15th of July 2023. The artist, who has already collaborated with Valentino in occasion of the exhibition Resignify in Beijing in 2021, has also conceived a unique artwork that will be widely displayed on a billboard on Avenue de l’Opéra from 15 June 2023.

As the main sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the 59th Venice International Art Biennale, Valentino affirms and continues its commitment to promoting and sustaining culture, with projects such as Valentino on Canvas an element of an artistic dialogue, nourished by the values that the Maison has always promoted.

Valentino invites you to discover the world of Gioele Amaro: scan the QR code on the billboard, register and get a special gift in our store.

VALENTINO: 35, avenue Montaigne, Paris VIIIème.