“Throughout an aesthetic choice, it is possible to represent a whole identity. This is the power of fashion and this is the power of human beings”. Pierpaolo Piccioli

Zendaya is the protagonist of the new campaigns for Valentino, David Sims the photographer of this narration, shooting her with his incomparable approach at the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles.

The actress has the capacity to express all the values of the brand through a single shot, turning a Valentino creation into something extraordinary. She enters the values of equality and inclusivity that Pierpaolo Piccioli and the Maison stand for, but also conveys a contemporary romanticism.

The Valentino Roman Palazzo advertising campaign continues the narrative of the Creative Director, which shot the collection in Rome, in an unexpected place in which grandeur has given way to intimacy. A delabré Palazzo with no decorations or objects. An empty space where the atmosphere became empathetic thanks to a diverse humanity, a diverse casting.

Sims, known for pushing the boundaries of fashion photography, has captured a raw and radical theatrical act in Los Angeles. Zendaya seated at the centre of the stage in a set that recalls the classical portraiture of the sound stage theatre: the point of view has changed. It is no longer a photography set, but a proper theatre. The atmosphere merges with the gestures of the actress. Time stops behind closed doors. The ability to make a theatrical moment something authorial.

Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his conscious and progressive way of making culture. The punk gesture that reopens and takes possession of the theatre, its space, and its language. The exploration, at the same time intimate and provocative, an empty space that for a moment becomes for all.

The identity of Valentino today materializes with a clear and incisive sign: both sensual and romantic, nourished by memories but not nostalgic. An identity that reflects in a new generation.

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