The Petit R Adventure is a spectacular and tantalising visual experience hosted by Maison Ruinart. In collaboration with Ciel Bleu, the two-star restaurant at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, guests can book a five-course dinner with accompanying Ruinart champagnes during November and December. During this unique dinner, which takes place in The Imperial Suite at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Maison Ruinart’s rich history will be visualised by Petit R, a digital creation that brings Ruinart’s founder to life. Petit R tells the history of the world’s oldest champagne house, Maison Ruinart, and enables you to experience its magic like never before.

After a year-long postponement, on a limited number of evenings starting this autumn, guests will be able to enter the luxurious dining room of The Imperial Suite at Hotel Okura Amsterdam – also the largest suite in the Benelux – to experience the magic of Maison Ruinart and taste the cuisine of two-star restaurant Ciel Bleu during the Petit R Adventure. For this special occasion, The Imperial Suite has been renamed Suite 1729, the founding year of Maison Ruinart.

During the Petit R Adventure dinner, the rich history of Maison Ruinart is brought to life for a truly unique experience. Guests will be transported back in time and, in between all the dinner plates and champagne glasses, the story of Ruinart will unfold.

Petit R was created entirely by hand and animated with great care. From the subtle movements of an eyebrow to the suppleness of a coat – everything has been modelled countless times to make it look perfect. It took a staggering 220 hours to animate the story in order to digitally recapture history.  

For Ruinart, artistic expression is the perfect way to share its heritage, history, savoir-faire and the excellence of its champagnes worldwide. This digital creation is a unique, one-off experience in the Netherlands and can typically only be booked in Reims.