Recently, I have been in a memory maze.

It was a shock learning about the fall of the Berlin Wall on the television when I was around 10 years old. And as if resonating with this, there was nervousness, and a large amount of pressure within society which changed house music on the daily, pumping out rhythm and bass on speakers. But in those days, we were too busy having fun and not having a care in the world.

The 90s went by as if we were living too fast, and even now, memories of that time sink and float like ingredients in a soup. A LO-FI memory maze. The noisy scenery emphasised in a vague/ambiguous dream.

There’s a constant voice inside my head.

“Do you want to go back to those days?”

I go towards the deep darkness I can see beyond the maze.

Of course, the maze has no exit.

I wanted to know the answer to why I lost my way in the maze.

But, no such answer exists.


What if there was a fashion community of fearless, enthusiastic young people who had no interest in trends or information in today’s society?

This season, Mihara reimagines Acid as he reminisces on memories from his teenage years of exploring LO-FI music from the late 80s and 90s.

The main focus of the collection is the ‘Big Silhouette’, rolled out in a limited colour palette. In addition to this, Acid is interpreted through the ‘blurred colours’ of the colour fading process.

The special technique which combines spraying and dyeing is a speciality of Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, which has been updated with signature pieces, such as the denim and military wear that appear to take on a harder and tougher rendition. 

For the season’s collaboration with the Japanese transfer printing specialist brand,TALKING ABOUT THE ABSTRACTION (TATA), a magazine style clutch bag, cassette tape style wallet and a cassette player shoulder bag will be introduced. The clutch bag transfer print features the back numbers of leading street style magazines, STREET (first published in 1985), and FRUiTS (first published in 1997) in which Shoichi Aoki, served as editor-in-chief.

The brand is also introducing a new sneaker model, the CHARLES, which has been in production for many years but now has sleeker and more defined silhouette.