Showcasing self-reflexion and questioning society, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro S/S25 breaks boundaries between public and private, reality and play-pretend. The collective and the individual melt into each other and soon all masks are down and the light shines through. Streetwear is chic and deconstructed, for a scattered look against all things fake. 

Denim jackets and oversized blazers were the stars of the show, layered with multiple sweaters, checkered shirts an accessorized with loose ties and large glasses. The styling of the pieces is destructured, bringing a rebellious spirit to the runway. Paint splashes act as a print on shoes and jackets, rooting the collection in a grunge and unseriously critical notion. A child-like innocence is portrayed through accessory teddy bear, cartoon characters on T-shirts and stickers adorning skirts, shorts and jackets. 

The preconceived notion of front/back is broken down by trompe l’oeil shirts and blousons looking like the front from all sides.  The new “SCOTT” and “LARRY” sneakers sport deformed soles showcasing the unwavering core of Maison’ symbolic presence.