This May, Maison Margiela Fragrances hosted its annual global event amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Puglia, Italy. Special guests, friends of the House and our notable talents from the Netherlands, Dion Visser and Isha van Dijk, embarked on an exclusive journey, experiencing a quiet-luxury tailormade program.

The participants were immersed in a series of curated experiences, each designed to echo the memories that our Replica fragrances evoke: From the Garden, Beach Walk, Sailing Day and Lazy Sunday Morning. The journey began amidst the lush nature of the gardens of Lamia Santolina, a local artist residency, celebrating the launch of the latest fragrance “From the Garden”. Sun-drenched day followed at Replica’s “Beach Walk” club and aboard a “Sailing Day” cruise, exploring the stunning Puglian shoreline.

A “Lazy Sunday Morning” unfolded the next day at Cava Conti, one of the region’s most stunning stone quarries, offering a moment of serene contemplation. Guests then participated in “Replicart – turning memories into art”, an upcycling workshop which was hosted to give a second life to the Replica products following the creative impulse of artist and sculptor Audrey Guimard.

The highlight of this trip was undoubtedly the gala dinner where guests dazzled in elegant shades of white. An evening filled with refinement and shared moments that truly captured the essence of Maison Margiela Fragrances, while crafting new memories all together.