Though her last name might sound like it’s meant for racing tracks, Jude Ferrari has no actual connection to the famous car brand. However, with her own label, Maison J. Simone, she has set the fashion industry ablaze with her distinctive creative signature and insatiable creative mind. As Jude Ferrari steers into the world of Fashion, fasten your seatbelts, this is just the beginning!

Having cut her teeth at Jaquemus, Zara, or even Written Afterwards in Japan after graduating from Central Saint Martins School in Fashion Design, Jude Ferrari decided to take charge of her own fashion journey in 2019, standing out with her unique style and creating her own luxury label.

From the very beginning, she confidently showcased her distinct signature and has already created several iconic and authentic pieces. Indeed, when you hear ‘Maison J. Simone’, it’s impossible not to think of her iconic ‘HOMBRO SHIRT,’ a super high-waisted bodysuit crafted from up-cycled shirts and featuring sculpted shoulder pads. 

Jude’s collections are full of vitality and energy, incorporating patterns and upcycled fabrics, ranging from vintage packaging to occasional biblical figures, like her iconic ‘dueña’ dress. She uses her brand as a canvas for her boundless inspiration, a platform for expressing her creativity. Her collections are not just an explosion of vibrant colors but also a journey into her unique world, which has already made a significant impact in Japan, where her pieces have garnered a devoted following. 

For her Spring Summer 2024 Collection, introduced during Paris Fashion Week, Jude crafted a collection entitled ‘sandwich’, a satire of our society’s culture of overconsumption and an allegory of our hectic daily lives. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s and the fast-food American era, the collection was unveiled in a captivating performance.

Models took on the role of waitresses, wearing the label’s stylish uniforms, while walking on treadmills as if they were serving the public. And they were serving! The collection featured oversized suits with massive ties, cowboy hats with exaggerated fringes, and we even spotted a sheriff.

words by MARIE-PAULINE CESARI @itsjusmp