The collection draws inspiration from nature, being outdoors and the snug and sheltered feeling that it entails.

Woolrich’s iconic styles once again meet Daniëlle Cathari’s signature design in the first shared Spring/Summer collection. Her love for deconstructing and repurposing classics brings

forward a feeling of nostalgia making this second season of “The Woolrich Woman by Daniëlle Cathari” playful yet refined, functional yet elegant. A redefinition of outdoor recreation is set to launch on April 13, 2022.

The ongoing partnership began with the Amsterdam-based designer visiting Woolrich’s extensive archive in Bologna, Italy, in October 2020. While browsing through vintage garments and advertising campaigns, Cathari stumbled upon an outdated label for The Woolrich Woman — a former Woolrich line tailored for the everyday modern woman — which immediately caught her eye. Its symbolism was a starting point for The Woolrich Woman’s revival, which already came to life with a first collection for the past Fall/Winter season.

A vintage Woolrich radio script from 1987 called “Made for Fun”, describes different outdoor sceneries: cool, misty mornings in the mountains, warm, cosy evenings at your favourite hangout, and ending with “…made for active people who know where to find the fun”, set the mood for the capsule. A scrappy piece of paper for some, the start of a concept for others. The collection features garments that mix colors and asymmetries to shape a cheerful sense of elegance. This radio script, but most of all the playful essence that it embodies, deeply influenced this hybrid collection of classic outdoor styles and repurposed materials, making it indeed perfect for those days spent in the mountains and the women who find their fun there.

As the title of the collection suggests, the garments are indeed “Made for Fun.” Cathari happily keeps that promise, infusing every style with an element of this, inspired by the practicality of outdoor clothing and its remarkable, functional, and yes fun, features. A knitted halter top, including diagonal knitting directions and an open back, next to a classic half-zip polar fleece top 

and matching mini skirt each with a playful cord, puller and several hidden pockets. “Does it get any more fun?”, we hear you think, well how do a midi cargo skirt and asymmetric shorts with panels and pockets sound? Cathari found a way to top it all off while finding her superlative fun in designing dog jackets exclusively for the set in the same fabrics and designs.

About Daniëlle Cathari

The brand of Amsterdam-based designer Daniëlle Cathari is built upon the foundation to deconstruct fashion as a whole, aiming to mindfully colour outside the lines of the system. Cathari’s work plays upon the concept of ‘complementing contrasts’ explored through design and the creative vision by subversively repurposing classic design, bringing forward a feeling of nostalgia. Unexpected twists and deconstruction – either subtly or elaborated through design – are rooted in the brand’s DNA and bring a playful take on tailored essentials that celebrates femininity as much as it does comfort.

About Woolrich

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830, Woolrich is part of the fabric of the American outdoor landscape, having produced high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years to equip those with a passion for exploring. The brand has pioneered pieces that have become icons in their own right like Buffalo Check and the Arctic Parka. Wear Woolrich to pursue your endeavours whatever the weather.