M.A.C. Cosmetics, makeup giant and one of the original elevators of makeup artistry, is launching Ruby Crew, a celebration of their iconic Ruby Woo lipstick. 

Created by chance during what was meant to be the reformulation of another M.A.C. red lipstick staple, ‘Russian Red’ (the iconic red that Madonna wore all through her Blonde Ambition era), Ruby Woo has captivated people all over the world since 1999. With one bullet of the lipstick sold somewhere in the world every 15 seconds, M.A.C. extends the family into six formulas, from fiercely matte to a soft sheen.

“Ruby Woo. The ultimate A-lister and Hollywood starlet: she demands your attention just by entering a room and arrests her audience with instant flair. She kisses lips with intense, full-coverage colour and stays on all day with 12-hour wear. She’s a fan favourite, a crowd-pleaser and a supreme style statement–making her our best-selling red lipstick of all time. 

Ruby Woo has long transcended trend. “Bold, unique and slightly irreverent, it’s a shade worn with a lot of intention, but is not strict-looking,” says Director of Makeup Artistry Lyne Desnoyers of this mattest-matte, vivid blue-red. From the beginning Ruby Woo has been used by makeup artists to create everything from scandalously perfect lips to blurred and buffed, kissed-off stains.

Now enter Ruby’s Crew: a collection of this iconic red colour in six formulas and textures that are all world-renowned for a full wardrobe of red lip looks—with each member dressed to impress in a limited-edition monochromatic outfit. 

“When worn with little to no makeup, it becomes the entire look—or it adds instant flair to a perfectly sculpted eye,”. However you wear it, a perfectly applied matte Ruby Woo lip is never going to look subpar. The new Powder Kiss Lipstick and Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour incarnations of this world-famous shade transform Ruby Woo into a totally relatable red. A veiled and moisturized matte, Ruby New looks refreshingly uncomplicated and nonchalantly desirable. “It’s a shade that has such a fresh look when rubbed into the lips,” Desnoyers concludes .“A red lip worn with a softened edge does not overwhelm–it elevates. ”Whatever take on the Crew speaks to you, wear it with authenticity.””

M.A.C. Cosmetics and the Ruby Crew are available at MAC stores, MACcosmetics.com, de Bijenkorf and Douglas.