The city pops with creativity during TEFAF 2023

From the many art treasures during TEFAF to new artists who showcase their talent in Maastricht: the second city of culture in the Netherlands, will be bubbling with creativity in 2023.

From 11 to 19 March, the 36th edition of TEFAF, the internationally renowned and appreciated art fair, arrives at the MECC. The event offers a selection of the world’s best visual art, antiques and designs of art dealers from 22+ countries. At the same time, the city of Maastricht will be full of artistic, creative and cultural activities (for a complete list, visit Whether you are a curious visitor who likes beautiful things, or an experienced art lover, there is something for everyone.

A city full of art & culture

During TEFAF, many events will punctuate the city centre. Revel in the celebration of antiquarian books at the 15th edition of Maastricht Antiquarian Book & Print Fair at the Sint Janskerk from 10 to 12 March with the theme: D’Artagnan. Dive into the video art festival Transitions, in and around the industrial Sphinxkwartier, from 9 to 14 March.

Take a city walking tour with the Arts & Icons Walk with TEFAF, and learn about known and undiscovered gems of the city, such as hidden works of art and historic buildings with endless intriguing stories. For visitors, there’s also the art route to explore galleries (downloadable here) and the Secret Music Sessions to enjoy performances in the city centre provided by students of the conservatory. Or pop into the pop-up jazz club on Friday, March 17.

More beauty in the spring

Maastricht and its cultural program have been put on the map by TEFAF. But it’s not the only reason to visit the city throughout the year. Here’s a selection from the cultural agenda for next season following TEFAF:

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