Premium British lifestyle brand Lyle & Scott has revealed its largest brand campaign to date, a global initiative aimed at supporting grassroots football.

The campaign, titled ‘Kits for Clubs,’ pays tribute to the brand’s historical connections to football by providing free, bespoke football kits to amateur teams and small clubs worldwide. With an initial seven-figure investment, the campaign aims to grow and offer new kits to tens of thousands of dedicated grassroots football players across the globe.

The widening funding gap between grassroots and elite football has become more pronounced each season. With commercial revenue at the top of the game reaching astronomical levels, Lyle & Scott recognizes the efforts of amateur football heroes often go underappreciated. Small local communities often face financial hardship, compelled to contribute their hard-earned incomes to keep their clubs alive due to inadequate funding from the top.

The ‘Kits for Clubs’ campaign seeks to remove the burden of new kits’ cost for struggling teams through a simple application process. Clubs, regardless of size or type, can apply for complimentary football kits, thereby alleviating a significant expense for the upcoming season.

The kits, hand-finished in Scotland, pay homage to the brand’s 149 years of heritage, blending fashion expertise with football and performance-focused designs. Teams can select from a range of shirts, including classic designs and striking patterns inspired by the brand’s iconic eagle logo.

Commenting on the launch, Ben Gunn, Lyle & Scott’s Brand Marketing Director, expressed pride in the initiative and acknowledged the importance of supporting grassroots football. He highlighted how football shirts hold significant sentimental value, contributing to a sense of identity and confidence for players at all levels. Gunn emphasized the need for change, ensuring football is accessible to all, regardless of background.

The ‘Kits for Clubs’ campaign is a decade-long commitment by Lyle & Scott to support grassroots football, prioritizing the people who need it the most. The initiative aims to champion inclusivity and diversity within football and empower those who lack a voice and support.

Over the coming years, Lyle & Scott will work towards providing the funding and infrastructure that grassroots football desperately needs, taking a leadership role in driving positive change within the football community.

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