‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. With an ambition to change the fashion industry from the inside out, Antwerp luxury label La Collection is launching the very first unisex collection that any couple can share. A collection that goes against gender, seasons, trends and hypes. A collection that also wants to act decisively against overconsumption.

His & Hers Collection

This collection celebrates the unity of shared luxury garments. Romance was the inspiration and empowerment is key. 

The story

The idea behind the collection was born in Paris. It was early fall and Artur had forgot his coat in Antwerp. It was late night, and a coat was needed to protect from the light winds. Florence borrowed Artur her La Collection Ornella coat, which is a piece completely inspired by a men’s double-breasted coat. She thought it to be a solution for him to wear this night in Paris. 

While Artur was walking the streets in Paris in the Ornella coat, Florence discovered he beautiful way it embraced his silhouette and that it certainly was a statement coat for men as well as women. 

Artur truly enjoyed the quality of the coat and the way it felt. The coat is made in the finest Italian virgin wool and together with its mulberry silk lining, it is a unique piece. These fine details and this quality are very rare components in men’s garments and coats today. 

Florence and Artur began to discuss the idea of creating a capsule together. A collection with key items for a men’s wardrobe. Where all pieces are made in the La Collection signature fabrics. It was time for the the first prototype fittings. Florence was eager to feel the collection on her body, the fit and the quality. She fell in love with how the pieces also felt on herself and how she could style them. From the Morris blazer, the Adam Shirt to the Achilles coat. She saw them as timeless pieces also in her own closet. Artur said: ’I think we better call this unisex. I’m confident that a lot of women like you will be borrowing their husbands La Collection garments. It is a fact that they look elegant and timeless on women too.’ 

The inspiration

Florence has always loved to steal her husband’s clothes. One of her first designs for La Collection was the ’Artur shirt’. It was inspired on a shirt that she admired and often borrowed from Artur. Through her collections for La Collection, she has always been very inspired by men’s tailoring. 

The label continues to redefine authentic luxury, this time by celebrating the unity of shared luxury garments for both him and her. The collection is available in store and online. 

Traditional men costumes have always been a strong influence and forever inspiration of hers. All pieces in the collection are inspired by and based on masculine tailoring. Florence appreciates this minimalistic view on dressing, bringing details to the front and focusing on high quality fits, fabrics and finishings. 

Another inspiration was the idea of travelling. To be able to pack one piece to share. Florence and Artur have shared the La Collection Morris blazer each weekend they are away. 

The purpose 

Florence wanted to create this capsule closet for both him&her. The perfect pieces that can be shared between loved ones. From your partner, a beloved friend or between family like a father and a daughter. 

The Vision

Florence vision is to create garments that are made from pure high-quality divers, they are meant to last forever, like in the days our grandparents lived. She wants her La Collection designs to be passed through generations.