Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Luuk van Dijk becomes the first DJ in the world to play a live set at Hotel Hideaway, this Friday (Feb 26th) at 5pm CET / 4pm GMT / 11am EST. 

Created by the makers of Habbo Hotel – which has previously hosted VR performances from huge global superstars Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Gorillaz – Hotel Hideaway has become an increasingly popular hangout among young people. Well over a million users from the 17-25-year-old demographic visit the online world each month, from across the US, Europe and Asia. 

Hotel Hideaway concert visitors and users will have the opportunity to Meet & Greet with the artist ‘backstage’.The online community provides a vast new platform for Luuk tap into, connecting music lovers with a live showcase of original music from his label Dark Side Of The Sun. In line with the label’s creative direction, the experience will be supported by specially designed visuals by UBERKRAFT Studios that show a trip along the light and dark sides of the universe.

Van Dijk has quickly established himself as a trendsetter in the house scene with his infectious energy, distinctive sound and effervescent personality. Just 24 years old, he has also seen up close how the Corona crisis has affected his peer group. “We can no longer meet up as before,” he says, “we can’t all go to a club or a festival together.Corona makes you realize that making new friendships is more difficult and you see that people are still looking for ways to get together.

Hotel Hideaway is one of the places where more and more peers come together and I also want to be where my fans are in times when I can’t be on stage. Hotel Hideaway is the perfect place to still have that connection with the audience.” To be able to enjoy this live experience go to Hotel Hideaway.