Constantly in a movement and a quest for new horizons, LÙCHEN introduce its Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

This latest offering is not just a testament to the brand’s recent relocation to Paris but also a reflection on Chen’s personal odyssey. As an explorer traversing both literal and metaphorical landscapes, Chen draws inspiration from her journey, transforming it into a narrative that resonates through the dialogue between material, cut and figures.

The collection debuts with an array of reimagined pieces, where the signature use of laser-cut feathers crafted from past seasons’ fabric scraps breathes new life into silhouettes that exude both ease and depth. Aged plastic garment bags, a staple since the brand’s inception, undergo a transformation into multifaceted metaphorical figures. It serves not merely as upcycled materials but as poignant symbols of LÙCHEN’s evolution. Through this repurposing, Chen endeavors to encapsulate the various phases of her journey over the years, immortalizing LÙCHEN’s fragment by infusing old materials with new significance.

The collection navigates through a spectrum of emotions, from the adrenaline rush of new beginnings to the calm acceptance of change. A sequined hooded long sleeved gown, the oversized backpack, both delicately embellished with “feathers”, embodying the collection’s thematic dichotomy of utility and whimsy. This contrast underscores the philosophy of embracing life’s uncertainties with grace and resilience.

At its core, LÙCHEN’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a homage to the perpetual motion of life, marked by continuous transition and the inevitable challenges that accompany it. By adopting a serene and graceful approach, LÙCHEN invites us to journey through the unknown with confidence and poise.