Trailblazing a new wave of House hero, from the heart of Techno-dominated, Berlin – LOVEFOXY here delivers a dynamite 3 tracker for NYC’s Nervous. Summed up beautifully by her latest bio – LOVEFOXY’s sound is often epitomized by its ‘warm punch’; something that EP closer ˙Buisness First˙ showcases brilliantly.

Opening up proceedings, with a defiant, smile-inducing, soliloquy – is ˙Sluthouse˙; a track that truly wears the artist’s roots on its sleeve. With it being a pure celebration of heyday, US House music at its material core; whilst at the surface – a proud embrace of that inimitable Berlin attitude, atmosphere, and desire to always be pushing things forward.

Kicking off the EP is “Sluthouse”, a vibrant homage to classic US house music with a distinct Berlin twist. It’s a track that proudly displays Lovefoxy’s musical roots while embracing Berlin’s innovative spirit. Next up is “Freakfest”, a club-ready anthem characterized by its stripped-back arrangement and relentless energy. With pulsating kicks and hypnotic rhythms, it’s a track that commands attention and keeps the dance floor moving. Overall, Lovefoxy’s latest release is a testament to her artistry and ability to push boundaries within the house music scene, offering listeners an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience.