Inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, Lovechild 1979 has introduced a new line of leather bags. The bags are meticulously designed with a focus on sustainability and quality, using the finest materials available.

In previous collections, Lovechild 1979 explored various iterations of the tote bag. However, in the latest collection, they have further developed the concept by creating proper leather bags that embody the essence of Lovechild 1979. The design of these bags is inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, drawing from Scandinavian simplicity and furniture designer Severin Hansen’s emphasis on geometric shapes. Mia Kappelgaard, the creative director, sought to integrate craftsmanship and aesthetics in these pieces, which complement any outfit. The bags feature clean lines, 70’s-inspired details, and a commitment to quality, all while ensuring functionality is not compromised. Crafted from exquisite buffalo leather, the bags are skillfully stitched with thick leather, creating a cohesive look.

One of the bags serves as the ideal work bag, equipped with a sturdy handle and spacious enough to accommodate a computer. It adds a chic and urban touch to any ensemble. The other bag is a reinvented version of the classic phone bag, widely popular in the past. Lovechild 1979’s rendition can be worn as a crossbody or slung around the neck. The essence of the phone bag has been elevated to meet the standards and vision that define the Lovechild 1979 brand. Whether heading to a business meeting or simply going about one’s day, either of these bags will beautifully complete an already great outfit.