“The Detox”  partnership challenges the typical restrictions of  New Year’s resolutions instead, encouraging  intimate and empowering self-love. 

Love Stories Intimates, the luxury lingerie brand known for its playful and comfortable designs, is excited to announce a new collaboration with Self Studies, the online store for offline pleasure. Challenging the trend of the January “Detox”,  the collaboration reminds women to strip back  to themselves and get in touch with their most  intimate needs. 

“At Love Stories we believe that feeling confident  and comfortable in your own skin is the key to  true empowerment,” says Marloes Hoedeman,  Founder and Creative Director of Love Stories.  “Our partnership with Self Studies is such a natural  fit for us to channel this philosophy. Self-love  is much more than a trend, and we believe that feeling confident in who you are — in mind, body  and intimacy — is a great expression of it. This  year, we encourage you to skip the resolutions.  Study yourself, focus on your pleasure, and give  yourself a wet January, not a dry one. You don’t  need to become anything other than what you  already are.”  

Self Studies and Love Stories are intrinsically  linked through shared philosophies and visions.  Both brands seek to normalise the idea that  intimacy and self love should be at the forefront  of daily wellness — no taboos, no shame, and  only true empowerment. 

The collaboration will feature a new collection of colourful Love Stories sets, with a curated  selection of sex toys and self-care products  from Self Studies. Altogether, it celebrates  the connection in female-focused design and  empowering values between the two brands. 

Starting January 17, all the items will be available  worldwide in Love Stories boutiques and on lovestoriesintimates.com.