Louis Vuitton presents Deep Time, an epic journey through the eons, narrated by the most exceptional stones. 

Deep Time is the House’s fifth High Jewelry collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewelry. This collection is an ultimate and profound voyage, spanning the birth of the planet to the creation of life. With this new collection, Louis Vuitton’s original design signature and High Jewelry savoir faire fuse with the origins of geology and geological legacy that’s at the heart of jewelry and gemstones. This is the House’s largest High Jewelry collection to date, featuring over 170 unique pieces and a record number of precious stones.  

Deep Time is explored through two acts – geology and life – and encompasses a total of 16 themes, 13 of which are presented in the collection’s debut. Each one features masterfully executed jewels that capture this epic tale of transformation, life and also interconnectedness.

Geology charts our planet’s extraordinary evolution, starting with Gondwana, one of two supercontinent landmasses that marked our planet’s formation. Featuring an exclusive selection of the rarest Colombian emeralds, Gondwana is followed by various apocalyptic evolutions, expressed through the themes of Volcano, Wave and Rupture, whose explosive powers come to life through the House’s distinct design language. The final chapter Driftembodies the sun and sea with a magnificent pairing of aquamarines and yellow sapphires – and makes way for Deep Time’s second act.

For the second part of the story, ranging from Origin and Fossils through to Seeds and Flowers, the themes bring a seductive play and juxtaposition of textures, layers and of course the most spellbinding stones. The jewels are also increasingly versatile, with many designed to be worn in multiple ways – a directive around transformability that Amfitheatrof has continued to drive forward over the past five years.