Following the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives announced in early 2023, Louis Vuitton is embarking on a series of collaborative timepieces with renowned independent watchmakers, with the inaugural project being the LVRR-01 Chronographe aÌ Sonnerie born from the collaboration between Atelier Akrivia and Louis Vuitton.

Embodying the essence of both Maisons, the LVRR-01 is a double-faced chronograph with a chiming complication – true statement in the watch industry – powered by a completely new tourbillon movement developed from the ground up by Atelier Akrivia and its founder Rexhep Rexhepi in a redesigned Louis Vuitton Tambour case.

The fundamental concept of the LVRR-01 is encapsulated in the emblem on the sapphire dial. At a distance it appears to be the conventional logo, but up close the emblem reveals itself to be a union of the two brand names, with “LV” subtly incorporated into “AKRIVIA”. This represents the first time in history that Louis Vuitton has combined its logo with that of another brand.

The defining and unique aspect of the movement is the Chronographe aÌ Sonnerie, a pair of complications never before integrated in this way within a wristwatch. While the combination of elapsed time measurement with a striking mechanism has historical precedent in pocket watches, it is a true statement in contemporary watchmaking.

The LVRR-01 is delivered in a unique Louis Vuitton traditional trunk.