Louis Vuitton unveils its newest high jewelry collection titled “Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds” captured by Sølve Sundsbø and starring House ambassador Anna de Armas. Designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Designer of Watches and Jewelry, it embodies the romanticism of 19th century France. A time renowned for its innovations and excellent craftsmanship that witnessed the birth of the Eiffel Tower and inspired a young Louis Vuitton to create his fashion house.

Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds sounds like a call to revalue manual work, and the benefits it brings to the spirit. Working with your hands seems like the answer for a peaceful state of mind, shifting your thoughts away from dark thoughts and focusing on what’s essential. The collection celebrates the mastery and ingenuity of the period, the impeccable savoir-faire of this era. Including 220 exclusive pieces divided into 13 distinct themes, Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds is the sixth high jewelry collection imagined by Francesca Amfitheatrof for Louis Vuitton.