For their 20th anniversary, the Millionaire Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton got a brand-new makeover by Pharrell Williams himself. Back in 2004, when Williams collaborated with Nigo and Louis Vuitton to produce the iconic aviator silhouette embellished with Louis Vuitton signature, nobody knew that history would bring Pharrell to the Men’s Artistic Direction of the House 20 years later.

The Millionaires marked the first time Williams designed for the House, building bridges between the fashion and music worlds. Today, he is releasing two new frame shapes – the 1.0 Millionaires Sunglasses, a chocolate tortoise model with gold details, close to the original, and the 3.0 Millionaires, a carbon fiber model adorned with sleek silver LV-engraved hinges and damper-patterned metal strips set to release on August 8th. To honor the past and evoke the strength of heritage, the new version of the Millionaire Sunglasses 3.0 is crafted with highly resistant, flexible and lightweight carbon fiber found in the automotive universe.