Louis Vuitton renews and reimagines its Men’s popup within de Biienkorf Amsterdam through a playful and puzzlelike concept showcasing the new Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

The space is a magnified playground where uneven puzzle pieces structure the pop-up’s walls and roof, an under-construction 3D puzzle of sorts. Illuminated by Monogram flowers and neon lights on its edges, the pop-up features lively mannequins along with modular furniture guiding clients through this imaginative maze.

Elevating the symbols of childhood through the savoir-faire of the Maison, the collection showcases silhouettes of swooping lines and playful details, rooted in the 1 990s dress code of the skater community. Evoked within the garments and accessories, childhood aspirations and playthings echo the pop-up’s playground: origami paper planes, playdough textures and tones, along with cartoon prints. A certain French romanticism complements the collection, a tribute to Paris and Louis Vuitton’s heritage.