Filling up on Vuittamins is the upbeat, optimistic proposition of the new Pre-Fall 2021 collection. A heightened practical sophis-tication. Through three main stylistic pillars, Nicolas Ghesquière, Artistic Director of Women’s Collections, draws upon his major design angles since arriving at the House, visions which symbol- ise the nature of the LOUIS VUITTON woman.

From tech romanticism to energetic sportswear and rediscovered essentials.

Tech Romanticism: An opulence in which the softness of mate- rials and the delicacy of embroideries mix with an urban attitude, recalling personal memories. Energetic Sportswear: Where colours clash and reinvent chromatic duos. Blue/Bordeaux, Red / Violet, Lemon / Lime… Rediscovering Essentials: An update of House Icons, reconquering great classics.

Stacy Martin is the ambassador of the Pre-Fall 2021 collection. Photographed by Nicolas Ghesquière, she is the heroine in a newtake on the Nouvelle Vague.

“Stacy has innate elegance and an inspiring personality. I have a lot of respect for her career path, her bold choices and the roles she takes on. I very much enjoyed photographing Stacy. So cool and laid-back, I love the way she wears my collections.” Nicolas Ghesquière