Fashion is a novel. And the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2020 collection embarks on a narrative journey where the garments tell their own tales. These characters from their wardrobe set the scene for our days, our moods, our lives. Thismeeting of periods, stylistic movements and anachronistic combinations brings to life a rich cast of costumes.

In such a ‘wearable library’, each outwrites its own chapter made up of romantic monologues. Peculiar dialogues between stylistic rebellion and ne crafts-manship. An account of sportswear’s encounter withtailoring. Taking the cultural references even further, Louis Vuitton has adorned one of the collection’s t-shirts with the original cover from William Peter Blatty’s 1971 cult science-fiction novel The Exorcist.

To illustrate this collection – a term that works just as well with fashion as it does with literature or on the big screen – the House’s muses proudly take to book covers or posters as protagonists, fitting perfectly into Louis Vuitton’s history and brilliantly embracing therole of adventurer.

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Photographer Collier Schorr

Timotej Letonja