Reconnecting with an instinct for clothing devoid of convention. A special moment that belongs to the formative years, the ones that forge character. An essential, initiatory journey that Louis Vuitton wanted to recommence with its Fall-Winter 2022 women’s ready-to-wear collection. An excursion into a perceptible, fleeting, and decisive moment when everything comes to the fore, in all its innocence and insight. The impermanence and beautiful volatility of adolescence.

Testing. Trying. Playing. Knowing. Yearning. Desiring… Wanting it all. Without restrictions. Having the world at your feet. Embracing everything and approaching taste as a personal construct – because character is what guides destiny. Freedom is all, without directive or impediment.

This collection is dedicated to youth, in hopes that it can keep the unresolved poetry of adolescence like a flawless garment – in all its vivid romanticism, inspiring idealism, hope for the future, for a better world, and its dreams of perfection.

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