Femininity is at the heart of the matter and Louis Vuitton joins the conversation: looking at it through emphasis, glorifying its complexity, magnifying it, putting it in the spotlight. It’s a stylistic exercise that re-evaluates the proportions of clothing and its adjuncts, one in which the codes of femininity unsettle scale. The infinitely large and the infinitely small come together on silhouettes, inviting a second look. The spring-summer 2023 women’s collection zooms in on the details, highlights them, gives them their due. What’s more, these are integral to the genesis narrative, the DNA of the Maison. A lock, a label, a clasp, a corner piece on a trunk, a buckle, a zip… These are the custodians of a story that endures. They, too, are the essence of the subject, blossoming at the very heart of a pulsating “monster-flower” created by the artist Philippe Parreno, the guest designer for the show’s scenography.

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