Louis Vuitton has reimagined the Tambour watch, 21 years after the launch of the original model. 

In 2002, Louis Vuitton premiered the Tambour watch, an immediately recognisable drum-shaped case with a bold vision of time interpretation. After 21 years, the Tambour has matured, and its next expression comes in a slimmer form, characterised by exceptional finish, casual elegance, and sculptural, fluid lines.

The new Tambour comes in two steel versions, reinforcing the designation of this collection for daily wear : tone-on-tone model with silver-grey dial, and one with a contrasting deep blue dial. Two additional features have been added by the House in comparison to the previous edition, an integrated bracelet and an exclusive beautifully crafted automatic movement designed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton. 

This new version comes in a modern morphology, with a fully unisex 40mm diameter and an 8.3mm thick case that follows the line of the wearer’s arm. The new integrated bracelet, a first for Louis Vuitton, is a blend of robustness and fluidity, with curved links providing a comfortable fit for anyone. Everything about the new Louis Vuitton Tambour comes down to the design, which is to say that everything has a meaning and a reason. On the exterior of the watch, every surface that contacts the skin is shaped to accommodate the body. On the wrist, a sense of balance and cohesion. To the eyes, the new watch projects clarity and precision.

Despite being just over a millimetre thick, the dial of the new Tambour conveys surprising depth and three-dimensionality. The new cal. LFT023 is more than the movement driving the evolved Tambour, it is also the first proprietary automatic three-hand movement designed by Louis Vuitton in conjunction with movement specialists Le Cercle des Horlogers to fully embody the House’s visual codes, from the barrel cover as a reference to the Monogram Flower to the micro-rotor decorated with a stylised LV.