Inspired by the Maison’s Monogram Flower, Louis Vuitton Blossom interprets the outline of the Maison’s Monogram star-shaped Flower, its openwork design bringing a daring but organic look to the collection – with bold new volumes and sizes for the ultimate in versatility and self-expression. 

Like Idylle Blossom and Color Blossom, Louis Vuitton Blossom presents precious but everyday must-have pieces, set with diamonds or full pave diamonds. A total of 11 pieces feature in the new line, which comes in either pink or white gold, and range from delicate and stackable rings and pendants to an audacious overlap hoop and oversized earrings. Strong and graphic but also organic and wearable, Louis Vuitton Blossom plays with daring volumes, sizes and textures, unlocking the imagination to create different looks for a host of moods and occasions. 

Louis Vuitton Blossom’s originality and daring especially shine through in the earrings. Bold volumes come courtesy of oversized XL hoops, which accentuate the open flower design in a subtle line of diamonds, framing the face in a statement-making jewel. 

Simple yet bold and graphic, Louis Vuitton Blossom brings contemporary, daring design to the Maison’s Blossom collection, which continues to celebrate the beauty of the imagination and empower the wearer.