Adaptation is the mantra of the modern age. In the face of changing conditions, we weather the storms by leaning one another and collectively adapting to new circumstances. For the Fall-Winter 2023 Pre-Collection, the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme illustrates this transition through the metaphor of the desert race. One of the most challenging competitions on the planet, the motorsport attracts an eccentric multi-cultural cast of daredevils, who gather to brave the unpredictable terrain of the barren wasteland and its mirages before reaching the luxuriance of the oasis. An extreme exercise in adaptation, desert racing serves as an image of the diverse characters, community spirit and collective creation that drive the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme. The collection is comprised of two chapters: the Desert and the Mirage.

The Desert

The desert race motif unfolds in a complete wardrobe adaptable to urban and recreational dress codes. Tailoring and technical pieces created in lightweight, water-proof ripstop nylon set an energetic but elegant tone for the collection: zip-adorned trousers and tops transform into shorts and short-sleeved shirts with hoods that can be hidden or exposed according to occasion. The archetypes of outerwear undergo adaptation in form and fabrication.

The Mirage

The second chapter of the collection paints an oasis-like contrast to the sun-drenched sand dunes of the desert. It adapts motifs native to terrestrial and aquatic flora into a casual wardrobe simplified for recreational travel. An evergreen coach jacket is rejuvenated with lightweight construction and a souvenir jacket in logo-adorned leather is perforated for breathability, while a reversible white bomber jacket in leather and nylon can be adapted according to weather and occasion.