LOUIS SHENGTAO CHEN is the eponymous brand established by designer Louis in 2021. Aimed at challenging the tradition notion of glamour, Louis Shengtao Chen is set to redefine luxury through an experimental approach. Louis fuses dramatic and storytelling design to construct a boundary-breaking yet accessible brand philosophy, fluidly mixing exaggerated colors with unconventional fabrics. Blending fun into the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, Louis Shengtao Chen composes an ever-evolving ode to celebrate life, beauty, attitude and dreams in the present.

There is beauty, warmth and hope in the ephemeral. Louis Shengtao Chen looks at escapism from his own kaleidoscope. Finding a moment of “sanity” in dreams, a moment of “ecstasy” in realism: A seemingly naive sweater is lined with a Cruella-like faux fur; an ankle long velvet dress with the ends burned until there is only the synthetics left, appearing in a ash-blue texture; a twistable bow on a pullover is seemingly innocent, but its ends crawls in tension and seduction.