Sesia is the smoothly designed Loro Piana bag.  

Curved in shape, soft to the touch, it conveys an idea of harmony with its uncontrived flow. By eschewing angles, it projects a sense of effortlessness, continuity, femininity.  

The curve of the upper end gives Sesia its distinctive shape. It is a flowing line that glides from the smooth contours of natural objects to the organic shapes of modernist design, defining a movement, a connection between nature and human invention that is quintessentially Loro Piana.  

As a gently curved object, Sesia – named after the valley Loro Piana inhabits and the sinuous river that crosses it – owns grace and occupies an expansive space, of body and mind, with the thoughtfulness of the line, the kindness of supple construction, the sympathy of touch.  

Precise yet uncontrived, it is a bag meant to be used easily, gliding evenly across occasions, from work to leisure. Sesia is available as a handbag, in different sizes which correspond to different attitudes and ways to carry oneself.  

As a punctuation mark, the Loro Piana crest appears on the bottom right angle in the form of an enamel button in the same shade of the leather. Padlocks and straps, either in matching leather or Suitcase Stripe fabric, allow to interpret Sesia as one wishes, or needs.  


Sesia is designed to be enjoyed with both the eyes and the hands, soaking up the suppleness of the colors while caressing the grain of the leather. The offer of materials flows from Satin Smooth to Grain Matt leather to Soft Shiny alligator, while the range of tactile hues starts from delicate rose and whisper white, moves to buttercup yellow, eucalyptus and forest green, fades to burnt orange and sunset rose and finally spreads up in sky and navy blue.  

With ease and quietness, Sesia heralds an idea of style as balance, drawing a seamless line that brings together roots, modernity, ease.