For its S/S 2024 collection, LOOLAYY presents a collection that draws its inspiration from the county of Dunhuang, a blend of culture that combines Chinese tradition with Indian, Greek, and Arab influences. A true spiritual source as Dunhuang is a city where peoples have been mixing and mingling for centuries.

LOOLAYY has therefore decided to explore this opulence of culture and heritage, using materials and shapes of exceptional quality and colors that recall the aesthetic richness of China’s past.

A collection that reveals the brand’s attention to the values of its country.

Time stealthily slips away, yet it does not go without leaving traces. It hides within the boundless transformations of things. Drawing inspiration from this concept, the series captures and freezes pattern details and color cultural connotations within Dunhuang culture, crafting a flowing sensation in silk fabric in a manner unfettered by tradition. It is accompanied by rhinestone embellishments to showcase the vivacity of mountain and water light waves, combining the diversity of Dunhuang cultural colors to present a flowing aesthetic in apparel, thus using tangible fashion visual language to recreate the intangible essence of time.

The brand continually draws inspiration from traditional cultural elements and spiritual cores, using fashion language to satisfy the expressive needs of Chinese women in their attire regarding cultural art. Focusing on Dunhuang, and researching mural culture, signifies the brand’s reflection and return to cultural roots in new-age consumer patterns, encapsulating a human-centered concrete care.

“Interpreting the wealth and romance of women with the beauty of Dunhuang; demonstrating the brand’s finesse and delicacy with traditional culture.” This philosophy not only reflects the brand’s tireless pursuit of fashion and aesthetics but also reveals the brand’s profound understanding and attention towards human emotions and social values.